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Spring Replacement

You have a broken spring, we can help!

Cable Replacement

Did your cables come off, are stretched, rusted or ripping? Maybe it's time to replace them.

Roller Replacement

Do you have a squeaky door or does your door make a lot of noise opening and closing. Most likely your rollers are expired and may need to be replaced.

Track Replacement

Do you have bent tracks? It's very important to have well aligned tracks to keep your door running smoothly. Call or book online today!

Garage Door Hinges

You may want to pay attention to your hinges. Specially if your door has been around for a while. Having broken hinges could lead to a bigger problem!

Door Opener Repairs

Is your garage door opener acting up? We can help you since our technicians are fully trained to troubleshoot most garage door openers. We also offer high quality garage door openers that best fit your budget and preference.

Maintenance and General Tune Up

Never hurts to give your door a nice tune up. Having a well balanced door can offer you longevity for your door.

Garage Door Installations

We offer a large variety of garage doors. From the most economical steel doors to our very classy wood carriage garage doors. We also offer contemporary styles, custom fit doors and many more!

We are your premier Contra Costa County Garage Door Repair company.